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Lister Bandage Scissors, Medical and Nursing Lister Bandage Shears 5.5"

Lister Bandage Scissors, Medical and Nursing Lister Bandage Shears 5.5"

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·        Designed For Professionals

  • Lister scissors are specially designed for medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, and EMT workers, with a highly convenient structure. 5.5 inches in length, these are made from ice-tempered stainless steel. This material is extremely durable with long-lasting edges, hence it remains sharp even after numerous uses.

·        Angled Blades

  • The blades are angled in a way that cuts easily through tough materials. The lower blade is smaller which slides securely under the bandages or and fabrics. While the upper blade is longer and sturdy, cutting effortlessly through various fabrics. This feature of the blades helps in the smooth removal of bandages and make tricky snips painlessly.

·        Comfort Grip & Long Lasting

  • Along with their versatile functionalities, these shears have a comfortable grip and are hand-crafted for optimum control. The comfort grip allows the users to perform dissections or cut without any hitches. Additionally, these scissors can be safely sterilized and they are crafted with long-lasting materials that contribute to steady sharpness in the long run

·        Safe Cutting

  • These bandage scissors undergo a high-quality manufacturing process, made for medical and professional usage, hence they provide a safe cutting experience. Whether it’s being used for home care, bandage dressing, surgeries, or any kind of clinical procedures, these scissors are suitable for all these tasks.

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