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GREENMAX PRO CANADA Inc , is a Distributer of GREEN MAX ENTERPRIZES our Industries is located in the center of beautiful city of Sialkot-Pakistan, Near small industrial area, with our ancestor's interest, to serve the humankind that joined hands and just started from a small workshop in Sialkot, who had been serving in the relevant area. Since the start, the company's success is due to the support of health authorities which have recognized our compromise to quality and punctuality.


The blades are angled in a way that cuts easily through tough materials. The lower blade is smaller which slides securely under the bandages or and fabrics. While the upper blade is longer and sturdy, cutting effortlessly through various fabrics. This feature of the blades helps in the smooth removal of bandages and make tricky snips painlessly.

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Barber Scissors

Iris Scissors

These fine, sharp scissors are ideal for detailed dissection of fine tissue and fine suture removal. In addition to ophthalmic procedures, Iris Scissors are now often used in emergency rooms and for OB/GYN and dermatologic procedures. This product is curved with smooth, sharp/sharp tips.

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