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Iris Scissors, Fine Point, Mini Scissors, Straight 4.5”

Iris Scissors, Fine Point, Mini Scissors, Straight 4.5”

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  • Premium German -Tungsten Carbide Iris Dissecting Scissors Straight 4.5” in Multi color. Ideal for Medical Purpose
  • Remains sharp after multiple uses with an ability to withstand high loads and hours of work needs.
  • Premium German Grade Iris Scissors are handcrafted with tungsten carbide inlays that increase durability, provide the sharpest cutting edge, and extend the lifetime of the product. The Iris Scissors were first designed for the intricacies demanded by ophthalmic surgery. Today these fine, sharp scissors can be used in other contexts where precision is required.
  • Premium German Iris Scissors are very small, and contain an extremely sharp point which make them ideal for fine detailed work. These scissors are used widely in ophthalmology Medical Dissecting ,as well as in the emergency room for a variety of medical Dissecting tasks.
  • These Iris Scissors also useful tool to have on hand for cleaning small or hard to reach places, while working with wax or clay, or for scraping, cutting, forming, and shaping. Premium Quality Stainless Steel with Superior Craftsmanship.


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